ProfitCRM 02/07/54 for Windows 10


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Profit CRM is an innovative solution designed to support organizational processes taking place in the structure of each company, as well as to support customer relationship management. This software is equipped with a number of unique features that allow you to efficiently collect and manage information circulating. Profit CRM is not just a tool that was based on the knowledge of analysts and programmers. Profit CRM is an application that is based on our experience and our customers' workflow and customer relationship management. The package includes modules: Financial, Personal Contacts, Organizer, Notes, File Storage, Communication, Controlled Documents, Call Center, Sales, Service, Projects. ProfitCRM is the only product on the market enables the integration of such a broad range of commercial systems: Symphony Forte (SQL Server), Symphony Premium (Btrieve, Pervasive v7-10), SubiektGT, FE-Mag, Enova, CDN OPTIMA, HumanSoft HermesSQL, AgemaHR , NAVO Bussines5. Also works with: mail clients Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, IMAP servers, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and StarOffice. Login details: username: admin, password: profitcrm Attention! The trial version works for 90 days.